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During the initial two year period, it was not intended that CreativePeople should cover all artforms or geographical areas. Now, however, CreativePeople has a new development plan for expanding the network to cover all areas and artforms with recognised and tested means of delivery.

Here are descriptions and links to the existing Partners in CreativePeople.

All Ways Learning provides advice and guidance on learning, training and professional development for all those involved in managing the arts in the south and south east, whether it be an individual self-managed artist or the Chief Executive of a large organisation. It is a consortium of funding bodies, local authorities and education and trainer providers in the region and receives funding from the Arts Councilof England, Southern Arts, South East Arts and the South East England Development Agency.

Community Artists We’re here to help artists working in community settings develop better and broader understandings of their work – how it is done, and why it is done. We’re doing this in a number of ways including through regular newsletters with details of lots of relevant learning opportunities; magazines exploring all aspects of working as a community artist; gatherings where you can meet fellow artists; and, in time, one to one advice and assistance on your development. The main partners in Community Artists cover dance and music – but we also have links to other artforms. You can contact us in these ways: Music: Sound Sense T: 01449 673990 Email Dance: Foundation for Community Dance T: 0116-251 0516 E:[email protected]

Dance UK , the Foundation for Community Dance and the Place Dance Services are the dance partners in Creative People

Coming together under the title From Survival to Success, the three organisations together with an advisory group from across the dance industry are undertaking a period of research to identify and explore the key issues affecting professional development for people working in dance. We are taking an inclusive approach and aim to be relevant to dancers, animateurs, choreographers, managers, directors and producers working as independent practitioners or as part of a company or other organisation.

We are keen to hear about all kinds of professional development provision and new initiatives. We also want to your hear views on professional development experiences – the issues and the successes. The partnership is being led by the Foundation for Community Dance so please email your contributions to [email protected] The purpose of the initiative is to improve access by practitioners working in dance to the full range of professional development opportunities available across the country.

To hear more about the initiative telephone: The Foundation for Community Dance: 0116 251 0516; Dance UK: 020 7228 4990; The Place Dance Services: 020 7383 3524

The Crafts Counci l is the UK’s national organisation for the promotion of contemporary crafts. Established in 1971, the Crafts Council is an independent body funded by the Arts Council of England, responsible for promoting fine craftsmanship, encouraging high standards, and increasing public awareness of contemporary crafts and applied arts. The aim of the organisation is to provide a service for all those working within the crafts. This includes craftspeople, craft retailers, critics and writers, curators, public and private sector advisors, commissioning agents, intermediaries, Regional Arts Boards’ officers, administrators and officers working in organisations such as the British Council and DTI wishing to increase their knowledge about the crafts.

As part of the Creative People initiative, the Crafts Council is working with its partners in developing its Information and Signposting Services to provide an improved first stop shop for craftspeople exploring their own continuing professional development.

Partners of the Crafts Council have agreed to provide the following specific resources for this project.

  1. Information about development opportunities and service providers relevant to crafts people.
  2. Information about individuals who wish to join the National Register of Makers and receive information about continuous professional development

These Partner organisations are:

Knowledge Services for Arts Management is a partnership of key providers of text based knowledge for arts management who have agreed to pool their resources to create the Knowledge Bank. This will be the first purpose-built, fully searchable on-line database of knowledge for arts management. It will draw on the expertise, existing materials and vehicles for collection, organisation, dissemination and promotion of knowledge of its partners – SAM’s Books , Arts Professional magazine, Arts Research Digest , the Universities of Sussex and Northumbria , the Arts Marketing Association , the I ndependent Theatre Council , the National Rural Touring Forum , and Southern Arts.

CreativeCapital London has 14% of the population of England. It is home to one third of the artists in the country and almost half a million working in the cultural industries.Broadcasters, filmmakers, the creative industries and large established arts institutions find much of their talent in the capital.

Many of the leading British arts and training institutions are London-based. Talented young people come to the capital to learn and develop their artistic identity. Emerging artists, experimenting and developing their artistic voice, can find potential audiences and critical attention in the capital. This helps them test and refine their work.

London is home for many young artists and is the seedbed for young companies: 40% of member companies of the Independent Theatre Council (representing small-scale dance and drama companies) are based in London and 60% of member companies of the Opera and Music Theatre Forum (representing small-scale touring music theatre groups) are based in the capital.

London Arts has been developing and funding significant plans with key arts organisations in the capital to create a new information, advice and guidance service for artists who live and work in the capital.The CPD Partnership for London is researching and building a professional development framework, made up of people, buildings and technology for all London’s arts practitioners. Professional development, in a myriad of presentations and forms, makes up the core activity of many London Partnership members. The Partnership brings together a body of respected expertise and proven methods of advising, supporting, educating, training and developing artists and arts professionals in many different ways.

The pilot project will provide access to sound advice for those seeking professional career development and needing to source information on training, learning and relevant services and resources in the capital.

In effect, we are creating a network of ‘first stop shops’ and referral points across London. There are literally hundreds of organisations in the capital, across every conceivable artform, who are involved in supporting artists’ practice and careers. So the project aims to reveal ways in which artists can navigate through the range of possible organisations that provide services like career counselling, phone and e-mail based advice, artists’ networks, course listings, conferences and seminars, on-line learning materials, newsletters, research facilities and archives of work showing a range of practice and much more. As well as working with artform specialists, we can also offer support for those concerned with disability practice. And London Arts has been examining in some detail how best to support artists who have been exiled from their place of origin and are now refugees living in London.

In London, the agencies and consortia involved in the pilot programme are:

All the organisations involved have astrong remit in supporting the professional development of artists, facilitating advisory services or offering in-depth face-to face analysis of the individual’s training and development needs. Arts professionals will also benefit from our strong connections to a range of London-based arts organisations, educational establishments, agencies, venues and arts spaces, which we can put you in touch with quickly. We also have links into Europe and with international partners to share with people who are interested in learning about opportunities and networks abroad. Some partners in the project have created models of excellent practice in the area of community development and the artists’ role in regeneration.

We want to connect the expertise and resources available through our partners, with the aim of working with arts professionals to identify and reveal opportunities, solutions, answers and a choice of potential pathways.This will also help to make it much for simple for the individual to get the information they need quickly and efficiently, without having to pursue many different routes.

For further information of the work of London Arts and the CPD London Partnership, please see

The New Writing and Literature Consortium is a group of seven organisations ( The National Association of Writers in Education (NAWE); The National Association for Literature Development (NALD); Lapidus (The Association for the Literary Arts in Personal Development); The Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers (FWWCP), Writernet ) dedicated to helping writers and others working within new writing and literature to identify and address their professional development needs; Survivor’s Poetry and Apples & Snakes. The Consortium will offer a wide range of services, including one-to-one career advice, together with many new training and development opportunities.

Northern Cultural Skills Partnership (NCSP) was launched in May 2000 to encourage sustainable employment through skill and career development for those working in or aspiring to work in the cultural industries in the North East and Cumbria. NCSP is a public private partnership, which brings together cultural sector employees and organisations with agencies with a responsibility for delivering/supporting training and professional development activity. The main aim of the partnership is to assist and support those working in the cultural sector to develop training plans that identify their professional development needs. These needs can then be communicated to training and skill provider partners more effectively, and provision influenced accordingly. NCSP does not deliver training or aim to duplicate services that its partners offer, but uses the skill intelligence gathered from practitioner members to influence the way in which existing skill development opportunities and funding is offered by partners.

The core partners of NCSP include Northern Arts, North East Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (NEMLAC), Northern Media Training, Association of Colleges Northern, Universities for the North East, Northern Business Forum, the Regional Employment Service, cultural sector practitioners and museum professionals, Association of NE Councils and Learning and Skill Councils.

Matrix is a consortium of arts organisations and trainers led by South West Arts , and all based in the South West region of England. Partners represent the range of different arts and crafts practitioners living and working in the region. Matrix will develop the provision of a comprehensive and accessible professional development information and guidance service to support the sector. Matrix will also explore the professional development needs of individual artists, how they learn and what they need to learn to improve their practice, as well as how they themselves understand the learning and development processes. The web site if Matrix is here .

Partner Organisations inlcude: