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Support for colleagues in mid-life

WLAs have been involved in a Mid-Life Career Review Project to help people think about themselves, jobs and careers in mid-life and have carried out mid-life reviews with colleagues.

How did WLAs carry out mid-life reviews?

WLAs used a questionnaire to find out mid-life issues of interest to colleagues (you can download this at the bottom of this page).

Some WLAs carried out reviews involving one-to-one discussions/signposting to useful organisations (you can download info on useful organisations/links/resources at the bottom of this page).

Some WLAs brought in speakers to run group sessions on mid-life issues (eg careers, finance, health & well-being).

For info – Some of the WLAs/WLA staff involved in the project have now agreed to become Mid-Life Champions to offer support to others who may want to carry out mid-life reviews in their workplaces. You can contact them for more info …

Tina Ashby was involved in reviews at Voluntary Action Leeds – E: [email protected]

Roy Harper and Mark Bowen were involved in reviews at BG Futures in Lincoln – E: [email protected] & [email protected]

Becky Smiles was involved in reviews at Alex Smiles Limited in Sunderland – E: [email protected]

Wendy Black was involved in reviews at The Rum Story in Whitehaven, Cumbria – E: [email protected]

Liz & Graham Johnston were involved in reviews in the Northern regions – E: [email protected] & [email protected]

Why not ….

Watch this video to see some of the people involved – and search for NIACE Mid-Life.

Have a look at the Mid Life Career Review Web Based Platform – – Lots of free info and resources.